Monday, February 21, 2011

Metamorphosis: A Blog Rebirth.

Here is a hard truth: I find scanning tedious. I love the results, but I find the doing of it very boring. Once Rodney and I finally get our offices straightened out this might change, but for now it is a bit annoying. You see my laptop and I are out in the living room. The scanner is in the office. Now it may seem logical that I could just go to the office and scan, but due to several factors that does not work out well. So I have gotten way behind in scanning in and out postcards. At this point I am not going to try to catch up.

Instead I have a plan to morph this blog a bit. I am still going to document Postcrossing postcards and cards from others, but I may not post them all. Or I might make a college of them at the end of each month. I have not figured out the details of that just yet. I also want to add other content: reviews of books on letter writing; discussions on collections of letters; details of letters I have sent to corporations, government officials, newspapers and the like; reviews of postcard making sites; reviews of writing supplies such as pens and paper. Basically I am thinking of all things having to do with writing letters.

Letter writing is fast becoming a lost art. I have never been a true artist of the medium, but I hope with this new direction to inspire others to write more and text less!  

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  1. Hooray, you are back! What a great idea to extend the scope of your blog! I'm very curious and looking forward to what I will read there soon.

    You are so right: Writing letters has become a lost art in these times of electronic communication - let's help to resurrect the art of writing!