Friday, March 12, 2010

From Thomas in Germany (Direct Swap)

Auf der Kuppel des Gnadenaltars
Baujahr 1743-1772

Google Translate version (with slight editing):

Publication Child
On the dome of the Altar of Grace
Year 1743-1772

This must be spectacular close up. If you look at the links above one of them shows the entire altar. It is magnificent. Thanks Thomas!


  1. Oops, Google Translate has made a mistake: "Erscheinung" should be translated as appearance in this context, according to the child who appeared three times to a shepherd and who asked for a chapel (which has become the current basilica in the course of time).

  2. See now, that makes much more sense!

  3. I just looked up "publication" on The second definition is: "the act of bringing before the public; announcement." It makes sense in that context. I never would have put it together though if you hadn't given the context of "appearance".