Monday, March 8, 2010

From Thomas in Germany (Direct Swap)

Ein kalter Wintermorgen am Eisgraben.
©Rudolf Diemer Naturfotografie & Filmproduktion

(Rhön Biosphere Reserve * No. 11A cold winter morning at Eisgraben.© Rudolf Diemer Nature Photography & Film)

Doesn't this seem like a lovely place to go for a hike? Okay, at this point in the year I would prefer it sans snow, but it is lovely. Look I even scanned in the stamps. Are all German stamps in nice 0 and 5 denominations? It drives me nuts trying to put together 27¢, 44¢, 45¢ and various other denominations of stamps that I need to send  a 98¢ international postcard. 

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  1. Yes, all German stamps are in 0 or 5 denominations: From 5c to 100c, almost every denomination is available, so it's quite funny to mix them to get the appropriate value.